Sunday, April 20, 2008

Four legged friends

We have a couple new residents behind our home. They arrived about a week ago and have finally started to settle in. Tyler has taken to walking on all fours, neighing, and chomping on carrots (raw carrots... never before in his life has he even tried raw carrots).

When I was a teenager I owned two horses and I enjoyed their companionship for quite a few years. The smell of their coat, hay, and saddle soap bring back so many lovely memories. Hopefully sometime soon I will have a horse (or two) of my own again. For now though, I am enjoying the company of Buddy and Zorro.

Tyler loves Buddy especially



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jaccalynkorv said...

I to have great memories of spending time with you and your horses....we had the best talks while cleaning their pens. The smell of hay and they coats, the feel of their faces, i love and miss terribly, oh how i wish i lived in a place i could have horses and let my children experiance what we did. Tyler is so blessed.