Friday, April 25, 2008

Visiting The Plume

Today, Tyler and I had lunch with Jillian (aka thenoisyplume) and her husband Rob.  Tyler earned his driving permit for the golf cart, and Jillian and I became the police (armed with awful hats and spatulas) looking for drivers without their permits.  Thankfully, Tyler was in compliance.  Who knows what might have happened!

Tyler played ball with Farley.

We mused over scrumptious cherry & white chocolate muffins with hot tea.

Muffins, tea and wonderful conversation... what more can a girl ask for?

Here are a few photos taken at our lunch time outing.

Tyler & the handsome Farley

Wheat fields in the valley


Jaccalyn said...

From what i can see of that kitchen it LOOKS AMAZING!

thewindhover said...

It all looks so good...
I wish I could step over into those wheat fields for a moment or two!
(beautiful photos)

JW said...

I love the pic of the wheel.

fine little day said...

Lovely fields.