Friday, April 11, 2008

VW Thing

This is the car that I will someday own.  Though, not this exact one, this particular one is priced at $7,000.  Doesn't that seem a bit steep for a car that doesn't look like it's even in that good of condition? No... mine will be orange or yellow and have a string of beads hanging from the rear view mirror.  I imagine myself driving down the road, wind whipping my hair, music blasting (Cat Stevens).

Drew Barrymore had a Thing in 50 First Dates. If she can have one... why can't I?


The Noisy Plume said...

Dear Bee,

This post is making me feel dreary and downright ghastly for it reminds me of the glory days and remarkable steadfastness of June Bug.


If only the world were made up entirely of: classic cars, bartlett pears, and tequila....

It would certainly be a better place.


Melissa said...

I lament the sale of June.