Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cinco de Mayo Wedding

May 5th was the day of my sister Kelly's wedding.  She married Al, who we all love and highly approve of.  It was a very small affair out at the Desert Bar.  For those of you who have never been to the Desert Bar (or even heard of it), will wonder why she was married at a bar.  It is nothing like you think.  

Imagine traveling five miles along a dirt road to the middle of nowhere.  You realize you arrive when you see the tall homemade cooler towers in the distance.  It is completely off the grid and runs totally on solar power.  Everything is made of recycled/reused/reclaimed materials.  A
 hop, skip and a jump away from the "bar" area is the church front, nestled beautifully between the red rock canyons.  I have no idea who made it and would love to know the history.  It is made of iron and has a rusty appeal to it.  

I think it's just one of those places that you have to actually visit to understand, but trust me, it's beautiful.



Jaccalyn said...

I'm So happy for KK, and what a beautiful place to have a wedding. Remember the tramatic bike ride we did up to the bar....never will i forget that. So hot and tired.

candacemorris said...

so talk to me about your photography. did you take those pictures? lovely shots.

Melissa said...

Oh yes I did take those photos! I run my business part time (but hopefully within a year it will be full time!). Have you looked at my website yet? I love to travel for work :-)

candacemorris said...

i am sooo checking out your photos! yay for you emracing your passion and soul. hells yes!