Saturday, July 19, 2008

Happy 1st to Plume!

My dearest friend, The Noisy Plume, is celebrating her 1 year anniversary today.  

Here's how I remember The Plume starting...

I had always admired a certain Big Egg necklace 
that Jillian had made.  She had expressed to me the desire to make jewelry, but of course was a bit nervous.  It's always hard to put yourself out there for people to critique.  This Big Egg necklace was brought with us on our trip to Europe.  Every time anyone asked what we did I promptly answered for both of us, "I am a photographer and Jillian makes fantabulous jewelry!".  After arriving home Jillian, very timidly, dipped her foot into the Etsy pool.  They could hardly believe it when right away she sold her Big Egg necklace (but I could believe it!).  Her shop grew wings and flew from that point on.

I am ever so proud!  And while I never would have thought that she would be near 900 pieces sold within her first year, I am not surprised.  Not only is her jewelry stunning, but her writings are an inspiration.  

I love you my dear!

So... all this is said so you will visit her blog!  She is giving away a few pieces and their is free shipping on all of her items for today only.  Enjoy!

Her giveaway items - 

Dreaming of Trees earrings
Too Good to be True ring
Desert Secrets necklace


The Noisy Plume: said...

Thanks for this M.
You are the best:)

mme. bookling said...

did i mention i HATE the biatch who won that necklace?

i just thought i would post it everywhere so this "jennnnn" gets very intimdated and fears i will cyber kill her.

then i can have her necklace.

Melissa said...

I feel the same about the girl who won the earrings. Oh how I wanted those earrings!! AHHHHHH!

The Noisy Plume: said...

Easy now girls...easy...that's one of my oldest friends you're talking about:)

Besides, Mme, you were given the matching ring for your birthday, silly goose:)

Plus...I have, like, three packages on their way to you as we speak!?!!!???? I would say that you are very VERY loved despite being a potential cyber killer:)

Melissa said...