Friday, August 15, 2008

Sea symphony

Oh how I wish I had taken this photo. It's absolutely stunning and it actually stopped me in my tracks. I have been going back to it off and on all day and just wanted to share it with you.

A picture a day keeps the doctor away.

Sometimes I think it would be really good for me to take a picture a day and post it here. It's hard to sometimes fit this in with daily life. But... if I tell all of you that I am going to do it, then I will have to.

I need to stretch my wings.


UmberDove said...

I think that would be a fantastic idea. The Mme. and I had a talk last week about making a daily commitment to some activity (for me, a drawing or small painting, for her, a number of written pages) that we would keep for 30 days. I think there should be a little lee-way, as in 2-3 free days (but not consecutively) that one could take off, but just imagine the sense of accomplishment to have a whole month's worth of finished products.

I think we should commit, then hold each other accountable. Thoughts?

Melissa said...

I think it's a great idea! I always work better with other people. Today while at work, I pretended I had my camera and took mental pictures. It sounds weird, but it really helps. Even better if I actually had my camera with me.

Should we start Sep. 1st and see what happens after that?

Sean said...

Have john jump into posting as a guest apperence. It'll take away from your work load, and we can have married couple blog wars!

The pic is upside down, no?

mme. bookling said...

i think september is a great month to start this journey together.

Melissa said...

September it is!

And no... the photo is not upside down. Those are at the bottom and the "notes" are lily pads and such floating on the surface of the water.

Melissa said...

Oh, and John also keeps very busy on his own blog, you should check it out:

Maybe we should make a new blog solely dedicated everything John and I. A place where we can both make contributions. Hmm... I think I'll mention this to John! HA, he'll love this!

The Noisy Plume: said...

I would take part in this challenge but I already make one thing a day (at least). I'll cheer you all on:)

You'll need to give this daily commitment a name of some

"Daily Challenge for the Daily Challenged"



I'll just be challenged in spirit.

The Noisy Plume: said...

Oh yes. That too.

The Noisy Plume: said...

I have officially come up with an even better name:

Art Challenge for the Daily Challenged

I think you probably took some sort of piddly offense to my first name because you maybe thought I was calling you "challenged" in some way. Which I was.

You said yourself that it's difficult to fit everything into your day when it comes to a photo a day project...or whatever...see??? Difficult=Challenging?????

Oui oui?

Because not only does the band sing "Shook Me All Night Long" which is my all time favorite song play with the windows down in my truck while driving through pleasant neighborhoods BUT it's the catchiest thing I could come up with for your little daily commitment thingy.

And now I'm going to lay about in a dark room and listen to depressing music all on my lonesome because:
1. I can.
2. I must.
3. I have large cuts in three of my fingers which makes it hard to be a silversmith.
4. Everyone else in the world has a real job which requires them to do real work and not talk to me on the phone while they are being paid by their keepers (which means I haven't got anyone to ring up).

It's been nice chatting.
With abiding affection,
Jillian Susan

Melissa said...

Jillian - I love you dear!

ACDC. Has a ring to it doesn't it! And I would never take offense to you calling me challenged. You did call me a hooker and then made me feel better by calling me your favorite hooker. HahAHAHA... your favorite hooker!!!

After reading this some people might really think that I am challenged.

Sean said...

If you think the photo is right side up then yeh... Challenged works.

Side note to the side note:
I want to follow Rush then be followed by Harvy.

I'll be listening tommarrow 230p sharp.

Sean said...

It just came to me. John had a major edge in the chicken dance... Did he call on his listeners to vote on plumes blog?

lorenzstudio said...

I know this isn't your pic, but I've been wondering what camera or cameras you use. I have to watch a dvd just to learn how to use mine. How's that for challenged!