Sunday, August 24, 2008


John and I have just arrived home from Vegas.  I don't have any photos to post yet, but hopefully I will be doing so tomorrow.

I just wanted to check in with everyone.

Know this... We had a wonderful time in Vegas with Umber and BC (yes, these are our chicken dance adversaries... worthy adversaries at that!  You might be wondering how we ended up in Vegas with them last minute since you might not read  Umber's blog, but I will explain later!... or you could just read her blog).  I will leave it there for now since you might think I'm a bit of a freak if I list all the things I love about this couple.  Yes, the list is really that long.  

I promise, I will go into detail of how much I enjoyed this trip tomorrow... just you wait!



mme. bookling said...

And to think, Joel and I were going to go on the trip too.damn family camping trip. I can't believe my cyber world is crashing into reality. (well not mine but I did introduce you two after all so thanks for leaving me behind).

In retaliation I think I will go meet jsl and leave you and umber in the dust.

Jk. Glad you love those Clarks. They are delicious.

Melissa said...

Aren't they though!

Don't feel left out, you were definitely talked about (in the nicest way of course!). I had to get the scoop to see to if cyber Candace matched up with real life Candace. And... you seem to be exactly how I imagine you... just wonderful! They did mention that you were so tempted to join, maybe another time?

We also talked about a big group meeting... hmm...

UmberDove said...

My eyes are still a bit glazed over (just got home, but had to do the mandatory blog check-up), but I'm going to confirm that we DID have THAT good of a time too (you two are even better in person than on the interwebs!).

I like you guys.

Vegas has stolen the rest of my words away, but rest assured, those one are true.

Next time it will be up North!

BC said...

Fantastic trip indeed. It was almost too short, almost. Needless to say the crash into reality was awesome. M&J were a ton of fun and surprisingly compatible with us. I approve.

Thanks for meeting us there, and sorry to Candace and Joelio for not being able to make it as well.

John Wright said...

Too cool, guys. Loved your beanie picture too. So fun to meet you, and thanks again for everything.