Monday, September 29, 2008

It was a long week

Things just seemed to pile themselves on top of me last week. I'm not really going to bother to explain, it really isn't that eventful. It's just a creative crisis. I have these every once in a while. I am moving in the right direction though to get the creative cogs turning once more.

It didn't help that my long distance phone was on the fritz. Up until now I have seriously loved my Skype phone. I do have to admit though, their service stinks. Our account was hijacked, and yes they let us know about this fact, but since then have not resolved our issues. I have not been able to call long distance since sometime last week. I have been making my business phone calls on my cell phone somewhere along Highway 95 (another tidbit, cell service stinks in our area as well. no bars at our house... bleh!). HAhhahaha!

So, this is all to say I hope to be back on track here soon.


mme. bookling said...

hey missy melis.
did you get a sweet little bday package?!!!!

Melissa said...

Yes I did! I was totally going to get your phone # and give you a surprise call to thank your for the present (which I absolutely loved!!).

Thank you thank you thank you!