Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Icelandic off-roading

John and I just finished watching these guys on Top Gear.  If you have never seen Top Gear, make sure to get on BBC America and start watching!  It's just fantastic what these boys get up to!

This time it's off roading in Iceland.

When we talk of vacations Iceland is never really brought up.  We did mention it the other week though (strangely enough while watching another Top Gear).  John and I have decided that Iceland will be our rich holiday, somewhere we go after we make our millions (... HAHahha).  You never think of backpacking Iceland now do you?

So anyways, back on topic... Icelandic off-roading is completely insane.  John has a jeep (and we occasionally attempt what we think is a pretty hairy road), but other than the front grill and headlights these machines no longer resemble a jeep in the slightest.

I would give my eye teeth to see this in person.

On the episode of Top Gear this guy was actually racing a snow mobile (SNOW) in water!

Some more wonderfully insane behavior!


The Noisy Plume: said...

I've wanted to venture forth to Iceland for years now. It's a beaut of a country -- bright green and lush thanks to rich volcanic soils...sort of like a cold Hawaii. Plus, geothermal activity abounds which means plenty of soaking in gorgeous hot springs. I wouldn't backpack it though. I would suitcase it.

I have a girlfriend who once ran a marathon there for charity. She was quite smitten with the nation upon her return to Canada.

The Noisy Plume: said...

PS I didn't watch these vids. I've seen skidoos on water before:)

Melissa said...

Oh but Jillian, watch the 2nd one! Remember us crawling the jeep down into the wash and making you stand on the back to keep it from lifting (as if you could hold a jeep down!! hahaha)? That felt crazy then, I felt the rush.

This is like a million times that. Can you imagine John driving something like this while Rob is on the walkie talking him through this?

The thought tickles me.

lorenzstudio said...

Ok, John can drive it, Rob can get on the walkie talkie, but who's going to build it? I think we've got some spare suspension parts lying (laying?) around that could do the trick!

The Noisy Plume: said...

YOU felt the rush?????? YOU felt the rush?????? You were practically a half mile away with your silly camera attempting to document the action WHICH you failed to do really (since I have NEVER EVER seen a picture of Goldiglocks with 1 wheel on the ground....).

Never go up against a [Canadian] when DEATHHHHHH is on the line (*falls over dead*). (yes. that's a" name that quote" moment. so name it already.)

Melissa said...

Jillian... PUHlease! Princess Bride. You could try harder than that.

And yes, there was a rush, granted I wasn't really even near the jeep. I did envision though, my husband and dear friend's death by squashing.

Melissa said...

If Sean builds it, we will come.

Courtesy of another easy movie quote.

The Noisy Plume: said...


Field of friggen Dreams.