Sunday, November 23, 2008


We celebrated our 7 year anniversary last month!  I don't have many photos since I REALLY wanted to relax!  I did manage to snap a couple though.  We stayed at Casa Tropicana in San Clemente.  It was perfect weather and we had a beautiful ocean view.  

Very relaxing, which was just what the doctor ordered!

The view from our feet.  


mme. bookling said...

Aww! Anniversarys are so important. I love celebrating them myself and for other people - I mean, it's one thing to be born (hello, I didn't even DO anything there except slip right out and raise a royal rucous afterwards), but another thing to daily determine that your life will include another...

And great pics.

thewindhover said...

You don't need anymore photos these say it all. Congratulations to you both.. and may the future be as happy and full of blessings!