Monday, August 24, 2009

Inglourious Basterds

Saw this yesterday.  It's the only movie I have been to where the audience applauded at the end.  If you are a fan of Tarentino, then you will LOVE this movie.  If you haven't "got" his movies thus far, don't bother.

Favorite scenes (non-spoilers) - 

David Bowie soundtrack moment 
Rats or Squirrels
They call you the little man

Pitt did a fantastic job and am a huge fan (anyone see him on Bill Maher?), but I have to say Christoph Waltz was frickn' awesome.

Please... go to the theater right this moment!  You gotta see it! 

The man that made the movie

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jordan said...

SUCH A GOOD MOVIE!!! i saw it about a month ago, and was definitely blown away by the quality of acting (mr. BP included, although i love him anyway). oscar nominee, methinks...