Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thought process

It went something like this.

Cleaning cleaning cleaning.
I need a break.
Sit and look at Facebook.
Hear Mom say outside "come and look at this cloud, it's really low!!" (if you lived in Parker you'd understand).
Rush out to see cloud.
Decide that I need a photo.
Take said photo.
Zip downstairs to get a better photo.
Notice that the swing seat/bed has been dropped off.
Swing on it.
It smells so lovely.
Admire fruit trees with blossom.
Take photos of blossoms.
Catch a whiff of horses (which is just as fantastic as the orange blossoms, though John doesn't think so).
Decide that they need their photos taken as well.
Take a few.
Nuzzle their noses.
Scare them with camera.
It starts to rain.
Come back inside.
Think about cleaning but can't muster up the energy.
Tea sounds good.
Make tea.
If I'm drinking tea I need to read.
Grab book.
Decide I should write this down before getting tucked into it.

I think if I was to take a word association test it would probably have confusing results.

For example - If you said cantaloupe I might say water fight.


That one time when a semi truck tipped over and there were cantaloupe everywhere AND we grabbed as many as our arms could carry. Once we got home we found that they were too ripe and decided that we should chop them up and feed them to the horses which made us all sticky WHICH started a water fight.

I think only women's minds work like this. Or maybe it's just me.

Downloading photos right now of blossoms and horses.
Coming up pronto.

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Linny Kenney said...

I love this entry. I know what you mean about hearing a word that triggers a whole memory. A word that would not mean nearly the same thing to someone else. Yeah, maybe it's woman thing. Thank God for women and the way they think. ;)