Thursday, June 24, 2010

Daughter of Fortune

I picked this book up since I recognized the author Isabel Allende. She wrote House of the Spirits which I read some time back. This is a good, interested read. If you have a choice though, definitely start with House of the Spirits (which is fantastic).

On a side note... I find myself actually put off by the Oprah's Book Club sticker. Does anyone else find this? Books that look otherwise interesting to me I actually put down due to that sticker. I probably would have done the same again had this book not been found at a used book store for $1. Am I the only one?


Jaccalyn said...

I found this book at the havasu library book sale, and LOVED it as well, i have never read the other book you mentioned the same author wrote, i will keep my eye out for it.
Funny, i actually bought it because it had the Oprah sticker on it. She for the most part recommends great books. I would have liked it better if i could have removed the sticker after i bought it though.

Have you read 'Water For Elephants'? Janet Winas had it on her goodreads account, so i read it...AMAZING!

The Noisy Plume: said... aren't the only one.