Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Camping in the Sawtooth Mountains

I'm just back from a week long trip to Idaho and a 5 day trek in the Sawtooth Mountains with my dearest friends Jillian. We camped in the trusty Tallulah along with Plum, our very young, but very brave guard dog.

I have never before seen such isolated beauty. We hiked 12 miles of the Petit Loop with our goal being Alice Lake. I can't say enough about the stunning beauty of this trail. I only hope my photos can help convey the experience.

Among the beauty an already strong friendship was made even stronger. I love this girl.

We ended the trip with a relaxing stay at Redfish Lake. We read, ate dill pickle chips, drank cheap wine, sunk our toes in the sand and watched the dogs go crazy. Boy did I need that after that mighty hike. Did I mention the trail was 12 miles AND reaches an elevation of 8596 feet? Quite the workout for a girl living at roughly sea level! There were also freezing rivers crossed (my bones still ache from the thought) and swarms of mosquitoes (that I'm still itching from). I am very proud that I made it with Jillian the ever peppy encourager.

Thank you friend for this amazing experience, Tallulah for always starting back up and Plum for your animal warmth during the freezing nights.

Our camp and Petit Loop Trailhead is just over those first rolling hills. And yes... those are the mountains we hiked!

Alice Lake

Why yes I AM standing in snow AND my feet are sopping wet!

The lovely Plum in the valley where unicorns are born. Seriously, it is that magical.

Beachside at Redfish Lake.


The Noisy Plume said...

"The lovely Plum in the valley where unicorns are born."

That's such a beautiful shot of the baby girl.

Gorgeous gorgeous pictures, my friend.
Love you.

The Noisy Plume said...


The Noisy Plume said...
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The Noisy Plume said...

PSSS That was all really hyper. Sorry.

The Noisy Plume said...

PSSSS Remind me to tell you what I wrote for "PSS" -- you'll laugh your head off. x

Melissa said...

HAHA! I KNOW what you wrote for pss!!! You miss me don't you ;)

mme. bookling said...

Great, GREAT photos lady! xxx

Sean said...

You mean wretched Farley jailers, the both of you. I'm a bit perturbed the Farley gets locked away and the one who can't control her body get to galavant around the world.

Fight Farley, fight for your right to party my little dude!

Melissa said...

HAHA! Farley received PLENTY of love when we returned!

"and the one who can't control her body"

This is oh so true! She even swept me off my feet at the park (and not in the nice way!). She is a lovely little travel dog though and made sure no bears ate us.

The Noisy Plume said...


True story about the one who cannot control her body:

Yesterday morning at the park, I saw her coming like a freight train and luckily I turned my knees at the last moment and she took me out, football tackle style, and my entire body was horizontal in the air and when I hit the ground I just moaned and gasped for air for at least 30 seconds. Today I feel like I have whiplash and three of my left ribs are KILLING me.

She's crazy.

Sean said...

The nice guy never gets the girl... You two are proof.

John Wright said...

Uh, Sean, okay, I AM a nice guy???? OK?

Melissa said...

Are Rob and John not nice guys????

The Noisy Plume said...

Sean, I'm bringing over a backhoe to help you get your foot out of your mouth! HA HAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!!

Sean said...

Farleys a nice guy and he's in jail. And that's that.