Monday, August 22, 2011

Beaver teeth

My son Tyler has inherited rather large front chompers from both my side and his dad's. I remember as a child being called all the names in the book in reference to teeth. I know how hard it is to be called those names (though it all seems quite silly now) and we've tried to explain to Tyler that his teeth are beautiful, he's going to grow into them, etc. to no avail. Because kids in school have made fun of his pearly whites he has stopped giving me a full toothy grin for photos. I managed to get one below as John was whispering jokes in his ear in hopes of him laughing, but you can see in the other how very self conscious he is. Breaks my heart.

Just remember to tell your kids, words do stick and they do hurt.

On a positive note...

My boys are rather cute aren't they?! I may just print this little series for my wall.


The Noisy Plume said...

Love this sequence....a lot.
Miss you ALL, so much. x

The Noisy Plume said...

How did that happen.
I lament. I lament.

Someday, he'll be twenty and driving a motorcycle with a chick on the back of it and I'll be up here in Idaho with 42 dogs and 117 cats and a barn FULL of hens. Yeesh. Perhaps I should procreate...something with big teeth....???

Melissa said...

Big teeth rock! And yes, Roo is HUGE! He's the tallest in his class and weighs in at 72 pounds. You'd never think it with as skinny as he is! I'm not sure where he puts it.

I will never allow you to have 42 dogs and 117 cats. Definitely not the cats. I'd never be able to visit you. Plus, 117 cats is kinda scary... very scary. Barn full of hens is fine as long as you have horses in there as well.

pencilfox said...

love these photos!
nothing like dad-n-son photos....

and, btw: your son is VERY cute!


jordan said...

oh what a beautiful little family you have. darn kids and their hurtful words! seems like your little guy (who's not super little it seems!) is very lucky to have such great parents to help him through life's tough stuff. lovely pics!