Monday, October 3, 2011

Paulo Soleri, Cosanti, turning 30 & 10 year anniversary

This past weekend John whisked me away to celebrate my 30th birthday as well as our upcoming 10 year anniversary (Oct. 18th). I knew the weekend was booked, but I didn't know where or what. This was quite amazing for John. You have to understand how unbelievably hard it is for him to keep a secret. This is an example of him trying to keep a Christmas secret:

"Melissa, do you know want to know what I got you for Christmas?"


"What about a hint?"



"Ok, just a small one"

"It's PINK and you wear it!!!!!!"

He's horrible. BUT, this weekend was a complete surprise and even though the main part didn't work out due to weather (a sunrise hot air balloon ride which we now get to do in November) it was still fantastic. We stayed at the Valley Ho in Scottsdale which has great 50's decor and was designed by a student of Frank Lloyd Wright's. It has an interesting past and definitely fit the theme of this trip. Saturday we visited Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West which has an incredibly rich history and is the home of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. We meandered a bit around the outside but chose not to take the tour (which is the only way to see it) since it's a steep $64 for 2. Sorry, just couldn't stomach the cost even though John was quite willing to take me. The rest of the day was spent lounging poolside and drinking lots of fufu cocktails and ended with Italian food and wine flights. Sunday morning we headed over to Cosanti which is incredibly fascinating! Can you see the theme here? I believe that in another life I would have been an architect. Paolo Soleri, the founder of Cosanti and later Arcosanti (who was also a student of Frank Lloyd Wright), still lives and works at his Scottsdale residence and is a frequent lecturer at ASU. If you ever have the chance this is a DEFINITE must see. And the bells... OH THE BELLS!!! I could go on and on but you can just read up on it yourself. Let me just say... I'm a HUGE fan of architecture and experimental communities and Arcosanti fits into both of those categories.

I took some photos of Cosanti. I wish they were better. I found myself so distracted though by the feeling (aura if you will) of the place that my camera hung by my side for almost the whole time we explored the property.

I also just want to add that my sweetheart of a husband knew exactly what I'd envision for a perfect weekend. He had ideas, but nothing planned (other than the balloon ride) which allowed me to truly absorb every part of the trip. After 10 years... he seems to know me pretty well.

Love you babe.


The Noisy Plume said...

I love it there.
Happy birthday, dear friend!

Melissa said...

I so badly want to take a workshop in Arcosanti. Even if I could afford it (which I'm sure I could find a way) I just can't afford the time. I've been mooning over their website for months.

pencilfox said...


happy birthday!