Sunday, November 13, 2011

Desert Walks

We try to go out on a daily hike on one of the numerous trails surrounding our home. We're surrounded by BLM land so we're pretty blessed to be able to leave our front deck and be in the open desert. This was an especially nice hike due to it being overcast that morning which isn't very common!


pencilfox said...

all that brown: so colourful.

Jenna said...

Ok. This makes me sound like a complete ignoramus, but the desert is usually flat in my mind's eye. That pulpit rock shook me up! And I LIKE it. Such a wild beauty surrounds you.

Melissa said...

The desert is surprisingly colorful with TONS of texture.

I remember at 8 years old when my parents told me we were moving to the desert I imagined flat sand with the odd saguaro cactus. People never cease to be amazed by our jagged rocks and red rock canyons!