Thursday, November 17, 2011

I love cool morning light. I work best in the morning.

I'm not an early riser though and despise being woken by an alarm.

But, I DO love waking up slowly as the sunlight streams in through my bedroom window. I like taking my time waking up over a cup of tea/coffee and some soft music I can twirl in my robe to. That feeling of still being sleepy eyed and tender footed. Am I the only one that starts out the morning on tip toes?

And the light. I prefer the cooler colors as opposed to warm golden tones of the evening.

Maybe I should try harder to wake up earlier. I suppose that starts with going to bed earlier!

Perhaps that should be my new year's resolution?


eliza said...

good point, morning or evening person? i love bits about both, but am definitely a morning person, always have been. the fact that the mullah, down the hill, wakes us up at 0500 every morning with his 'call to prayer' is beside the point :). i think my favourite time of day is the afternoon/evening - that lovely golden hour when you can forget all problems and just bathe in it; a 'sundowner' in hand is always nice too... lovely pic :)

kare said...

Favorite memories of my Mother
Onyx~Rose,on Tippy-Toes..
She learned Dance at a young age and still has the loveliest legs at 78 yrs old.
Knee replacement surgery has not taken the twirl from her step.

Arizona sunrise is my favorite time & place.

Erin @ Wild Whispers said...

I am so like you! Early morning is one of my favorite times of day... But I rarely see it. The photo is amazing. Great shot!