Thursday, November 3, 2011

Just one of my favorite things...

It's been years since I was on the back of a horse. I owned a couple growing up (my parent's grand plan to keep me away from boys... it worked!) and was madly in love with them. After getting married, moving overseas and having a kid I just lost track of this passion. Horses take up a HUGE amount of time, effort and cash but are also SO rewarding. I recently met a woman who has four horses and no one to ride with. Not a very hard decision to offer to "help her out"!

So a few weeks ago I sat my rusty butt in my creaky saddle. First thing I noticed... the seat fits me perfectly now (it used to be a bit big for me!). Secondly, I totally understand why if you're an adult riding for the first time in your life you'd be scared shitless. As a teenager I used to scoff at my friends who got into riding at an older age. What was there to be afraid of? At age 14 and 80 pounds I could take down a horse. I had absolutely NO fear of any horse I met. As an adult? I get it. I wasn't scared per se, but there was certainly a double dose of adrenaline pumping through my veins. Thirdly, riding a horse IS like riding a bicycle. Everything comes right back to you. Fourth and lastly... I underestimated how much trust played a factor into my fearlessness.

While never afraid of another horse, the 2 I owned were pretty much the only horses I ever rode. I knew them on such a deep level, and I think vice versa, that the slightest twitch or movement translated perfectly into a language that only I understood. Getting on another horse after so many years of not riding and having no understanding of this horse's personality or behavior was a completely different experience. I think it's only a matter of time though before I settle in and I look forward to getting to know these horses and getting more and more comfortable.

Below is a photo taken by my friend's sister of me riding Kamar.


pencilfox said...

i love horses.
plain and simple: i love them.

the first time i got onto a horse, i was here in alaska and about 40 years in age. of course i was scared. but once i realized the horse was WAY smarter than me and knew its footing on the mountain trails, i just relaxed and went along for the ride.

now i jones BADly for a horse.

[sweet posting, sweet bee....!]

kare said...

Have you been keeping your own saddle for just this sort of moment?

i've been hauling mine around for years for just these kinds of occasions. Riding new horses is interesting... keeps you on your toes for certain;>

Haven't ridden since illness made me dumpy & uncoordinated but there's still that hope of...'Someday'.

So happy for you.

'Sittin' pretty!'