Monday, December 5, 2011

The Desert Bar

This is The Desert Bar. I sometimes work here on weekends... actually, I believe this is my 4th year working there! It's not just any bar though as you can plainly see from the photos. The Desert Bar was built on an old mining claim about 28 years ago. You drive 5 miles along a dirt road to get there. It's completely off the grid and uses only well water and solar power. It was built using mostly reclaimed materials. It was built entirely by the owner Ken.

It's such a great atmosphere to work in. It's hardly work at all. There is usually a live band and every chair is normally filled with off-roaders and their families. AND it's only open on weekends from Labor Day to Memorial Day. It's just too hot in the summer time to stay open and even the cooling towers can't keep up. You can see the towers in the 2nd photo, they're basically homemade swamp coolers.

Hopefully I'll get to take more photos in the future. This morning was just in and out to get a few images to use for the 2012 tshirts that are being made.

A little bit amazing right?! This leads me to my New Year's Resolution... learn to weld. I've wanted to for ages and have had people offer to teach me, but there's always a lack of time. Not this year though. I'm doing it.


The Noisy Plume said...

I miss that place!

Great photos, Missy.
As always.

Emma O said...

wow, that place looks and sounds like a little bit of magic! And your photos are amazing, the light is so well captured. I have always loved places that are of the grid like that. Like small secret gifts (but always well known among locals, of cours..!)

UmberDove said...

And that bar looks epically cool. Well done M!

Anonymous said...

What a cool place. Great pics