Tuesday, January 10, 2012


I know the photos below are kinda cute, but believe me, those little lego bastards are evil incarnate.

Of course they're completely harmless as they keep my 8 year old son occupied for an evening and for that I am grateful. So grateful in fact that I didn't through them into a trash compactor and smash them to bits after stepping on a little pile of them in the middle of the floor set up strategically to maim... well that's if I had a trash compactor! Who has those anymore?!

If you've ever stepped on a lego (or a micro machine), I'm sure you feel my pain.

So I sucked it up and decide not to take out my anger on my sons toys and instead, took their photo. They're rather cute when they're not tormenting me.

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pencilfox said...


[i know the pain of which you speak.
luckily, for tyler, you did not 'compact' them and instead, CAPTURED them!!]