Friday, May 2, 2008

I couldn't wait

I know I said I would post Billie Bob's full story on Monday, but I just couldn't wait.  I am brimming with excitement for him to arrive!

Billie Bob's story:

Brenda lives on the California side of the Colorado River, which is the side with all the burros.  She has learned over the years the different characteristics of each herd and each burro.  She has individually named over 25 burros that live in the wild.  They often stop by her house for a bit of water, food, and their favorite bean pods from the nearby mesquites.

BB was born April 1st, 2007.  Brenda knows this for sure since she saw the mother Dakota just the day before (March 31st), still very pregnant.  That very next day Dakota introduced BB to Brenda and even let her pet him.  April 2nd, Brenda received a call from a neighbor.  She wanted to let Brenda know that she had just seen a burro that looked as though it had been shot.  She had a young foal with her and she was heading towards Brenda's house.  Brenda raced home from work, hoping to be there in time for Dakota's arrival.  When she arrived, Dakota was no where to be found, but BB was resting contentedly underneath her mesquite tree.  Dakota's instincts had told her, in her last few hours, to leave her foal with the woman who has looked after them so well.  Brenda and her husband searched all afternoon and evening for Dakota, following her trail of blood and hoping to reach her in time, but she was never found.  BB has spent the last year in the very loving hands of Brenda and has become quite the little character.  

I feel honored that she is entrusting to us such a special gift.  

You will be seeing a LOT more of this little guy in my blog!


Paul Pincus said...

so, so sweet!

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crickey! your story made me cry, I just want to hug the little chap,steph []