Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Puppies, puppies, puppies!

We had the pleasure of doing a bit of dog sitting for a few days.  

Number 1 puppy is miniature daschund, Skoshi Bit, who belongs to my parents (actually my dad was home, but I ended up watching the little gal for most of my mom's trip).  Number 2 puppy is owned by Rob and Jillian.  Her name is Penelope and she is also a miniature daschund.  

One thing I learned while chasing puppies 
for the past few days?  More than one puppy is too much!  We ended up staying outside most days since it was so much easier to watch them that way.  Outside I didn't have to worry about potty, chewing or... well more potty issues.

The other thing is that puppies are tremendously hard to take photos of.  I managed to capture a few on their own, but any photo together was impossible.

We did have fun though and were thoroughly entertained. 

Little Skoshi

The sweetest Penelope

Did I mention that these 2 little 9 week old ladies are sisters?


candacemorris said...

well for it being incredibally hard to capture them in photos, you did amazingly! they are gorgeous pups and gorgeous photos.

Jaccalyn said...

There is nothing cuter than puppies, except babies. We had miniature daschunds when i was pregnant with Ian....We took in Jessica's (Tucker) when they moved here and then someone had given us a female dapple...and they had four puppies...they were VERy cute but after the 7 or 8 weeks we had them till they were weened i was so ready to get them to their new homes. Do you have any tips for potty training a black lab puppy, i'm about to go insane with him.

Jordan said...

i'm peeking at your blog via JL's...skoshi is adorable too! i don't think i would be able to handle that much cuteness without squeezing and kissing them to death. puppies are the light of my life.