Thursday, May 22, 2008

I am in love...

... with the Violet Flame necklace.  I have dreamed about this stone ever since I saw it for the first time in Jillian's basket of stones.  I was immediately drawn to this lightning bolt.  I am smitten.

I secretly hoped that Jillian would not use it for a necklace, or perhaps a fantabulous ring, until I could afford to purchase it.  Sadly though, the stone was listed and purchased yesterday... 

Violet Flame necklace
(swiped from The Plume's etsy store) Heather (see below family session of Heather and her little family) for me as a thank you for the portrait session!  I have to admit, my heart skipped a beat when I realized that she was purchasing this lovely necklace to adorn my neck.

This necklace has been loved from the beginning.  It was made with love, bought with love, given with love and finally worn with love.

I think I might sleep with it on I am so attached to it.

I couldn't help but bask in the glory of this necklace

Thank you Heather.  I love it.


candace morris said...

OH OH OH OH. Delight of delights. It was indeed intended for your decolotage!


candace morris said...

(did you know i am a horrific speller? this made for an interesting english teacher)

The Noisy Plume: said... are the perfect vixen for that necklace!
You're my best...XOXO!