Friday, May 23, 2008

Rain, rain don't go away

I cannot believe the change in the weather this week.  First we hit record highs (for the month of May) with 113 and now we are sitting at a wonderful 59.  I feel refreshed.

I celebrated by doing a bit of dancing in the rain.

I would have danced longer (and made a bit more exuberant noises), but I was at work... shhh... don't tell anyone that I was dancing while I was meant to be working.

Since this morning I have been inhaling deeply the sweet smell of the desert when it rains.  I had almost forgotten how intoxicating it can be as it's been ages since the last rain.  Hopefully we will not go quite a long without this much needed rejuvenation.

My doors are wide open and the sound and smells of rain are permeating this house.  A hot cup of tea and a warm blanket are all I need right now.  I am satisfied.

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