Thursday, May 8, 2008

Unexpected gifts

Hubby hubby just showed up out of the blue with a Starbucks latte for me. I was having quite the grumpy morning and this was just was I needed as a pick me up.

The grumpiness started this morning when I realized I didn't have the time to stop and get a coffee because we had to carpool and John was already a bit late for work. He has to take the car since he has to pick Tyler up to go to Preschool. This was on top of it being too hot last night (and not sleeping), face blemishes and allergies (I just wanted to scratch my face off!).

BTW we are carpooling because the beloved Goldiglocks is having major engine trouble and is seeing the doc at the moment (2 whole weeks of repair... $$).

This is all to say that I love random gifts. They don't have to be big (hence my day being fixed by a latte), just thoughtful. Sometimes I think of buying people random gifts, but then I wonder if they would think that was weird. Why I would think that? I have no idea, because who thinks receiving gifts is weird?! This is my (belated) New Years resolution. Random gifts...

effective IMMEDIATELY!

another thought... I should post some photos of Goldiglocks when I get home. We sure do miss her.


candacemorris said...

what a sweet thing to say! i am happy to hear of coffee perking up your is jesus juice.

i hate being hot. too hot to sleep? i am so so so so so sorry!

PeachyVine99 said...

Well that's some husband you have, keep him.

Melissa said...

Candace - You can bet your bottom dollar that it isn't going to happen again tonight. No siree, it will be a fridge in my room tonight!

Peachy - Thanks... I do plan on keeping him!

thewindhover said...

Random, simple gifts are the best :)

Jaccalyn said...

How sweet of him. I'm with you little gifts like that are the a ice cold Dr pepper out of the blue...hhhaaaaa makes my day So sweet.
Its so funny that, your late new years resolution is one of mine as well, Giving gifts to people for no reason, I have done it some, but not as much as i would like, (i should go buy a gift)
Heres to Giving and receiving random gifts!!!