Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The past few weeks.

Since I have so much to catch up on, I have decided to one big post for the past couple weeks.  These photos were all taken in CA. 

San Clemente fireworks
Tyler in awe of fireworks
Tyler enjoying fireworks from another angle
Very crowded beach on the 4th

I always find it funny when my family gets together that this is what we do
A bit of art given to me (and painted by) my Aunt Carolyn (soon to be hanging in my dining room)
This was my other choice, but was claimed by my cousin Heather (I like my painting better anyways!!)
A bit of relaxing by the lake in a little CA town whose name rhymes with sublime.  I choose not to divulge the name since it is a nicely kept secret that hasn't been spoilt by too many tourists.  Oh how I love this little town.
This is John's family (Aunt Pat, Dad Cliff, Mom Dale and Tyler in the center) in the sublime little town.  Don't they look oh so British?!  We already miss them!
Aunt Carolyn, Captain Jack Sparrow and myself
There was a LOT of jamming going on in our quaint cabin
Freakishly friendly squirrels


jaccalyn Korv said...

I adore San clamente ...My dad took me and my brother and sisters their when i was 17 or so....its AMAZING.
Your painting is marvelous...i am hoping photos of your dining room with is hanging in it, will soon follow.

mme. bookling said...

Lovely pictures, thanks for the post. I do understand busy, missy...but I missed ya!

Paul Pincus said...

terrific post. what an incredible family : ) love the images!

great weblog. cheers!