Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ricky Gervais

If you have not heard of Ricky Gervais yet, you really should take the time to look him up on youtube.

We spent last Saturday evening in the Kodak Theatre laughing until we cried... really.  I've known Gervais from The Office (UK version, much better than the US version), Extras (HBO show) and now as a stand up comedian.  

That's all I have to say.

Except that...

I love this man.  I want to pinch his cheeks.

Speaking of The Office... oh gosh, I don't know where to start!  I think I am going to start using it on new (and possibly old) friends.  If you do not like The Office I cannot be your friend.
(disclaimer: only the UK version counts, if you are more into the US version than UK, than you may not be my friend)

Okay, I really don't mean that (oh but I do)... nahhhh (yeeeessssss).

On a side note, if you decide to Netflix The Office, make sure to get The Christmas Special.  I think it's a UK thing, having a Christmas Special, but it's basically the season finale.

Outside The Kodak Theatre
I want to pinch his cheeks too!

Nobody will probably understand this, but I need to post this for Rob.  These are bacon wrapped hot dogs.

Love me some Glenn Miller

Oh Cary, what large hands you have!

In front of Grauman's Theatre


The Noisy Plume: said...

I'm getting itchy for a chat with you.
Ricky. Oh Ricky. Wish I could have been there with you. Glad I didn't get a hot dog.
Wish I could put your stapler in a jello thingy (cock).
You're my Numba One.

Numba Two

Melissa said...

Hey my Numba One!

You're a cock you're a cock you're a cock!

I think that's my favorite episode, excepting the special of course!

mme. bookling said...

suck! (sorry, had to put that there in response to all this cock busines)

my such unbecoming language for us!! :)

but yes, suck b/c i love love love THE OFFICE, but only watched the US version b/c the UK one only lasted a couple of seasons, yesh?

so you DON'T watch the US version? (I don't beleive you).

Anyway, those are great pics too. I was there in January with my older's strange, I was born and raised in So Cal, but never went to Hollywood Blvd.

Again, why are you in CA? for forever or for vacation?

Melissa said...

I have loads of family throughout So Cal so it's a cheap vacation for us!

I have only watched 1 US Office episode (the first one in fact). It was actually a bit painful for me to watch. After it was finished we immediately plugged in our UK DVDs.

Do I sound like a snob?

wank (I had to add to this suck business)

jaccalyn Korv said...

i am digging your photos in this are ever so lovely.

I saw your buisness cards in Keva Juice this afternoon....VERY pretty...Where do you get them done?
If ever in the future you need anything of the, flyers, brochures, postcards, web design, check out my sweet hubby..he does a fabulous job