Thursday, August 7, 2008

The quad following burro

So here it is!  It isn't that grand since I had to video it myself (which consisted of setting my little camera on a concrete turner thingy).

He makes the funniest little noises, listen in the middle.

Yes I drove the quad around in a mini skirt.  I don't recommend this since your legs do get mighty toasty and their are obviously other problems associated with riding in a short short skirt.



The Noisy Plume: said...

Well HEE HaW.
Wish you could have been crazy while shopping with me today.
I bought sexy jeans.
And other stuff.
To be sexy with.
I bet girl burros would find Wooly sexy.
Especially when he chases your quad so vivaciously.

Perhaps he thinks you are a girl burro.
You had best be careful.
He might try to mount you and that could break a few bones.

Remember when I rode him...
like a rhinestone cowgirl....
in your mom's camo?

I love you.

jaccalyn Korv said...

That is so darn cute....i think everyone should own their own burro...Thats my favorite version of that it.
i like how in the middle you seemed to have aquired a growth on your back...

jaccalyn Korv said...

i have a you remember that quote by Jim Elliot, about living to the hilt of every situation? I cant remember the wording and am unable to locate it anywhere...thought you might know. Thanks

Sean said...

Take it off any sweet jumps?

Not the quad silly girl; the burro?

BC said...

Arizona people sure do silly things for entertainment...

What exactly do you own the burro for? Do you pack things on him when you go on expeditions? Does he pull your plow? Is he just one member of a larger petting zoo that is just off camera left?

Do tell.

Melissa said...

The question should be... Why wouldn't you want a burro?!

Not only can you take him off "sweet jumps", he can fend off even the most rabid of coyotes, heinous of jackelopes and even, even the beastly goatman.

This little burro is rad!