Monday, August 4, 2008

Surprise Surprise!

I had a  lovely little gift waiting on my front doorstep when I arrived home tonight!  What girl doesn't love a surprise?  Once I saw who it was from, John and I decided it would be best to open the present while on camera.

A bit of shopping, going to movies (Stepbrothers) and getting mail.  

Thank you Kelly (umberdove) and Brad (BC) for the package.  I do have to ask though, "Eat a Sandwich Club"?  I have to admit, I googled it (just in case).  I ended up on some weird site where people smash sandwiches.  Odd.

So I gotta know... is this secret?  Should I delete this post immediately and eat it?  Am I being completely thick in not knowing what this is???

Pray tell.

I will fall asleep very content tonight.


Stepbrothers is HILARIOUS!
Kelly makes fabulous cookies!


UmberDove said...

That was so amazingly satisfying, as in, YOU TWO REALLY ARE THAT COOL (the worthy adversary part was not just a figment of my mind)!

I loved
that video!

(And I hope you enjoy the rest of the cookies!)

BC said...

That was awesome! We couldn't have hoped for a better reaction. And a video?! Fantastic. I have no idea about whatever site you ended up on where they smash sandwiches, but that is NOT it.

I am a thin guy and some friends of mine always tell me to go "Eat a Sandwich" as if to say, I'm skinny and need to eat. So, us thin guys need to stick together, hence the "Eat a Sandwich Club". There really isn't anything to it, if you meet the qualifications - you are thin, and know me - you can join. So there you go John, welcome to the club. Maybe one of these days I'll actually collect emails and such and write up a newsletter or something.

Hmmm, that might be contradicting to one of the other clubs I'm apart of though - the "Procrastinators United Together Zociety" or PUTZ for short.

Melissa said...

HahaAHa! I'm glad someone thinks we're cool!

I was completely gobsmacked I have to admit. (I feel like I "really" know you now!)

The sandwich club, John definitely is joining! Did you know that when some friends of ours watched that video they didn't know it was John? They sat and watched, with John right there and proceeded to tell John that it did indeed resemble him, but the guy in the video was much skinnier, not as good looking and too nerdy.

We have more video footage to prove this.

mme. bookling said...

Lovely reaction! We were walking back from coffee last night wondering if the cookies would survive the arizona heat. looks like they did.

love it!

John Wright said...

Guys, thanks so much for the goodies; I just subscribed to all your blog feeds and will be keeping up with you from now on. Loved the cookies, and yes BC that sure sounds like a club I'm proud to be a part of! Woohoo!!!!

The Noisy Plume: said...

I thought I already wrote a comment about those went something like:

"Mmmmmm. I want those cookies..."

But I don't see it here so pretend like the above was the first time:)

Sean said...

And this whole time I was trying to picture the parents who would name thier kidlet Umberdove...?

BC said...

Sean- on that, I believe she was nearly named, "Lavender Sunshine".