Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I am so far behind on any type of personal work that it's INSANE! Personal work ranges from art to photos for friends to well... Christmas photos from 4 years ago when my son Tyler got his train set. Yes, it's like the plumber who always has a leaky faucet. I have almost no photos on my wall.


So. Here's one from about 4 months ago. I suppose this is kind of the birth announcement for my niece Katie. Except that this really isn't a photo of Katie. It's my sister KK pregnant with Katie. Yes I have TONS of photos of my little 3 month old niece, but this is a start right?!

I have issues with this as those who know me can well attest to! So KK and Heather, I'm sorry. I'm on a mission. Seriously. A MISSION.

BTW - Sorry I didn't call tonight Heather.

Frick Frick.

Photo is cute though right?!

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