Thursday, April 15, 2010


Today I receive a batch of letters from one of my first grade classes. During the week I work as a primary school librarian (though only for one more week!!) and this week one of the class projects was to write journal entry with a prompt "The librarian at my school...". I will forever giggle at the thought of these letters.

Here's the best -

The librarian at my school...

is nice and friendly and looks pretty and sounds perfect and smells good and shes medium size and she smells good.

#2 best -

The librarian at my school...

read use books. and she lets use ckeck out books. and and she is very pretey. and beautlful. She is nice. She helps use read. She is skceney. and pets the books away.

I hope you can interpret that second letter. In case you don't know what skceney is... it's skinny. Kids, who are by far the worst critics out there, think I'm skinny. I officially love this class the most :)


Linny Kenney said...

Oh man!!! I needed to read that "and she's medium size" letter just now. That is hilarious!!! Oh, I love it!!

Sunny Rising Leather said...

That is too funny!!!
And cute!
Thanks for the lemon suggestions, btw: I will be making them when the tree fruits again!!!


thewindhover said...

I am glad to hear you are not only a) a good library but b) that you smell really good too!

I love the words of children. Have you read that book "children's letters to God" hehe, so honest and true!