Friday, September 24, 2010

Processing my process

Photography is an escape for me. It's the one thing I can allow myself to get lost in. My problem though, is that I also earn a living from photography. Weddings... portraits... they all require lists and must have photos. I begin walking a fine line between just work and my art. Some weddings are more work than art and vice versa.

Here comes the difficult part. After "working" at photography it can be hard for it to feel like anything else. Feeling the strap on my shoulder can actually be a stress at times while on vacation. There's a little voice whispering to me "don't forget insert important moment". It starts to squeeze me right round my middle and cause me to catch my breath.

In that moment I need to let go. It's difficult and damn near impossible if I'm not by myself. Eyes peering at me, waiting to chimp over my shoulder. The need to explain that it's not ready, I'm not ready.

Slow down. Don't talk. Please.

So in conclusion, I work better alone. No pressure. If I'm working with you as a model, then please don't be offended if I seem rude. It'll pay off in the end. Trust me.


Michaela Dawn said...
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Michaela Dawn said...

Your work, either way, is still breathtaking.