Friday, August 26, 2011

Hollywood Forever Cemetery

The first I'd heard of Hollywood Forever Cemetery before was a few weeks ago when Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and The Flaming Lips held a sunrise concert here. The idea of having a concert in a cemetery was fascinating. The west (especially) tries so hard to hide death amongst rolling hills and under flat headstones. We don't want anyone to feel uncomfortable. God forbid they actually have a sense of mortality. I think people are so afraid of death and becoming older that they miss out on the fact that it's a natural and beautiful process of life. Some of you might find this morbid, I find it to be realistic. It's probably best to embrace the inevitable right?!

So, back to Hollywood Forever. It's had a bit of an overhaul these past few years. It was in a state of disrepair for so many years and to help the renovation process they've held concerts and movies in the park to raise money. The result is amazing. It's peaceful, friendly and more than slightly quirky. Next time I visit I'd like to spend more time.

And that cool metal building? That's the back of Paramount Studios. Pretty cool huh?


The Noisy Plume said...

Take me there sometime. Ok?

Melissa said...

You're definitely going with me next time. Come visit.

pencilfox said...

oh, amen: my job centers around the elderly and i find their wisdom and beauty quite amazing.

also, was raised around cemeteries.
my father was second-generation tombstone crafter. as children we tagged along when he "set" the monuments.

lovely posting. enjoyed it immensely.
you have such an eye for what to photograph.

kare said...

Old things ARE beautiful...even old 'Resting grounds'.

It is odd to be afraid of something all of us will pass through someday.

our fear of aging keeps us from relaxing into the earths embrace;
we Are earth.

*cheers from a Parker Bee.

Melissa said...

My husband grew up essentially in a cemetery. He's from Ireland and his dad was a minister. The manse, church and cemetery are usually located on the same lot, especially in rural areas. His memories of playing as a kid involve playing hide and seek behind headstones and racing through the cemetery on his three wheeler. When I first heard this I found it rather creepy in my young american naivete, but now? I think it's healthy.

lynsey said...

Beautiful images, such an interesting place