Friday, September 2, 2011

It's just too damn hot

I can't even think about taking photos at the moment.

It's so hot.

I'm grateful that my job is pretty casual and I can wear tank tops and shorts/skirts to work. If I wasn't able to I might actually die... and that isn't an exaggeration. I can't even cross a street without skipping because the road is so hot that it actually makes it through my sandals and burns my feet. Not an actual burn mind you, but it's not possible to leisurely cross the street without ending up on your tip toes saying "oh, ah" and heaving a deep sigh of relief when you actually make it to the other side where there is a tree with smidgen of shade.

Last week we were still getting up to 118.

I hate the feeling of sweat rolling down my back.

I may try taking photos indoors this weekend. We'll see how far down I can crank the air conditioning.

Let me just say, I do love where I live... most of the time. Our summers do start at the end of April though and by August/September I am DONE. Ask me in a month why I love living here. I'll have a great answer when it's 20-30 degrees cooler.


pencilfox said...

i remember that heat from when i lived "outside" [what we alaskans call the lower 48 states.]

you are welcome anytime up here.
the book shed cabin is reserved for girlfriends.


Melissa said...

I imagine the book shed cabin lined with books on all 4 sides. The only break in the shelves are for the windows.

I seriously need a summer cabin. Having thyroid issues also makes me uber sensitive to the heat lately.

Thanks for the invite :)

Amber said...

Damn, that's really hot!! I hope it cools off for you guys soon :(

The Noisy Plume said...