Friday, September 23, 2011

I have returned from a whirlwind trip to Boston and Bath, NH to photograph our dear friends Linny and Walter's wedding. We met Linny and Walter about a year and a half ago when they were only just starting out on The Ride. If you don't know the story please visit Linny's blog. It's an amazing story, and the fact is that along the way Linny and Walter fell in love after being long time friends.

I had the chance to photograph Linny and Soj when they made their way through Parker and the photos ended up in a few issues of Arabian Horse World. I guess you could say that their wedding is the grand finale to their phenomenal adventure and a beginning of a new one. Needless to say, the photos are beautiful and will again be featured in Arabian Horse World along with an article by Linny. I am in the final edits of the photos to be sent to the magazine (deadline is today!!!) and will post them after they're finished. Until then, here is a video that Linny made for Walter and was shown at their wedding. It's the sweetest video ever and gets me all teary eyed every time. Please PLEASE watch it til the end.

There are many more stories and photos to share from our trip, but it will have to wait until I'm feeling a bit better. I was lucky enough to pick up a cold on one of our many flights. Being away from home and not having my usual barrage of treatments meant that it went straight into my lungs. Just one of the benefits of having an autoimmune disease! Soooo, long story short, I'm down with bronchitis and can only work in short spurts before becoming completely exhausted. Trust me though, the photos are well worth the wait!


The Noisy Plume said...

Can't wait to see these wedding photos! Glad you're home, babe! Sorry you're sick! Glad you turned 30 first -- so you can tell me how it is on that side of 20. :) package in the mail. xxxxxxxx

pencilfox said...

SWEET: thanks for posting the video!

feel better!