Monday, September 12, 2011

The owl

We had a visitor last week. An owl took residence on our lawn in the shade of the mesquite tree. While this is unusual behavior for an owl, it was over 115 degrees that day and we're thinking she just needed to cool down. Every few minutes she would shuffle her feet, digging in just a bit deeper into the cool earth and settle in as if she were nesting. I sat with her for awhile. I was only a few feet away. When I would get too close she would fly away for a time, but come back. The tree was trimmed, we swam only feet away from her in the pool, we weren't quiet... and yet she stayed.

Not long after noticing the owl we noticed another visitor. A roadrunner was keeping close watch on all the goings on. When the owl left, he left. When the owl returned, he would return as well. I thought it had some deep meaning but have since learned that roadrunners are quite aggressive and are essentially mini velociraptors. He probably sensed the wrongness of the situation and was just biding his time. He gave up around lunchtime.

Later in the evening we look out to see Mr. Owl sitting on a pillar not far away from Mrs. Owl.

(We decided the owl under the tree was female as it seemed terribly romantic that her mate would come to find and rescue her)

They talked for quite some time that night. When we woke the next morning both Mrs. and Mr. Owl were gone and we haven't seen them since. I hope she's okay. I hope she just needed a day of rest and relaxation in the shade of our tree.

You can see the roadrunner peering through the fence on the left.

I also want to mention that it was a crazy animal weekend. We also dealt with a pack of hungry coyotes, a chipmunk in the BBQ (don't worry, it wasn't on!), a bat in an electrical box in the garage and a rattlesnake in the ivy. It was definitely definitely odd (in my mind that was done in the Dustin Hoffman Rainman voice).


Wowi Zowi said...

Too cool, great story...
In my mind, that was said in Tom Cruse's voice :o)

thewindhover said...

Oh my what animal adventures you've been having of late! I can't help but linger of your beautiful photos of the owl - there is a surreal quality about them.

chestnutmocha said...

that's amazing!!! so cool! Lucky you!

Snailentina said...

Okay, now I am more in love with the owls! I'm so happy you got to take these photos to share with us.