Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Arabian Horse World NEW ARTICLE!

Here is the preview for the article with my photos in Arabian Horse World.

Linny and Walter's Wedding

YAY! Very excited about this. Now I have to find somewhere local that carries that magazine!

A fantastic quote from Linny's article:

"I suppose what she and Mason are saying is that not every second of life is going to whirl you into an intoxicating thrill, but that’s OK. When such a moment does come, be there. Fall into its mercy and let it stain your skin and seep into your soul. In that way it lasts forever. It’s your moment; and as time brings us and and takes us, there will never be a doubt that your moments were lived, not passed."


The Noisy Plume said...

YAYYYY!!!!!! So proud of you! When you find them, nab me a copy ok?

Paris Mickelson said...

These pictures are gorgeous! You are so talented. Congrats to you and them!