Friday, October 14, 2011

New Hampshire

Our visit to New Hampshire was amazing. So beautiful and peaceful. I was disappointed at first that I was going to miss the fall foliage show (though you can see in some photos it is JUST starting). Once there though, I was so glad to see such an expanse of green. It was like eye candy for my soul. Everything was so vivid. The sky, trees, leaves, even the old barns. I just couldn't get enough of the colors! I was also surprised by how sparse New Hampshire is (population wise). I expected with it being such a small state that you wouldn't ever have to drive THAT far to get somewhere, but in fact it's all considerably spread out.

The hills and trees wreaked havoc on my already directionally impaired brain. Not being able to see where a street led or even farther than the next hill was difficult. I'm sure I would eventually struggle with the closed-in-ness of it all (I need a big big sky and LOTS of wide open spaces), but I enjoyed it while we were there.

Have a look at this - Free State Project. John and I have actually looked into this on a few occasions. I don't know if I could handle the winters though.... I might just die. I LOVE this project though.

Check here for even more photos - Flickr

Here is our room at The Hibbard House where we stayed. If you didn't watch the video below you really really should!

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