Friday, July 6, 2012

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Recently we visited John's hometown of Belfast, Northern Ireland.  I've visited many times and lived there for a few years after getting married.  Tyler was even born there.  This is the first time though that I've ever documented anything more than family pictures.  I told myself this time though that it was okay to look like the American tourist.  I wanted to capture the way I see Belfast and also use these photos as a way to keep Tyler connected to his birthplace and family.

Belfast has changed a lot since we moved away (about 8 years ago now), but some things haven't changed much at all.

I do love it though.  It was bad timing living there before.  Just too much for one girl to handle.  First time living away from home, married, new country, mortgage etc and then a baby.  All in the first year and a half.  Phew!  

Someday things may change and we'll do the exhausting move back.  If that happens I'm buying a sun lamp to handle those grey days (months even!).

I'll be posting various Ireland photos over the next week.  The first installment is Belfast and what I find most interesting about the city.

Harland and Wolff cranes.  Their names are Samson and Goliath... not sure which one I captured.  There cranes are built in the Titanic Quarter, just steps from where the Titanic was built.

Titanic dry dock
This is the Catholic side of the Peace Wall.  Doors and gates are open during the day to allow people and cars to pass through.  This stretches along between the main Catholic and Protestant areas.

This is the start of the 11th Night Bonfires.  There's a parade on the 12th of July that commemorates the Battle of the Boyne.  These are not normal camp bonfires.  They take up whole city blocks and sometimes will even be made in the middle of streets.  On the 11th night it looks as though the city of Belfast is aflame with each neighborhood burning their own bonfire.
Murals that are painted on many of the buildings in Protestant areas.

Murals that are painted on many of the Catholic city walls.


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