Monday, July 9, 2012

Coast of Northern Ireland

Just various photos of the Northern Ireland Coast.  Beautiful right?!  John's parents have moved from Belfast City to a quaint little village right on the coast called Donaghadee.  The name just rolls off the tongue so perfectly.  

Our room has an ocean view and were only minutes from the ocean.  I'm used to the Southern California coast (which is beautiful) but I think I much prefer the moodiness of Ireland coasts.

On a side note... there is the most perfect little antique store in Donaghadee that I visited on a few occasions.  For years I've been searched for the perfect antique stained glass windows to hang up in my home but dang those things are pricy!  Much to my excitement this store was chocked full of them, all under $100 and some as low as about $40!  Then the realization that not one of these would fit in my suitcase. 


After talking to the owner for a bit I found out that he has a garage full of these, roughly 60 he said.  They don't sell there.  AGHHHH!  I did find out though that he would be very happy to sell them all to a dealer here in the States if I could find any interested buyers.  If you interested (pleeaseee) let me know.  All I ask is for a couple of these windows!  

It's torture.

 Donaghadee Lighthouse
 Donaghadee Coastline