Thursday, July 12, 2012

Slieve Binnian Part I

While in Ireland we experienced perfect weather.  In fact, it didn't even rain until the day I flew out.  That kind of sunshine is almost unheard of!  So we made the most of it and did every outdoorsy activity we always wanted to do but was always hampered by the rain.

This is a first set of photos of our hike up Slieve Binnian.  It's the 3rd tallest in the Mourne Mountains.  We almost hiked Slieve Donard (tallest mountain in Ireland) but decided on Binnian in the end because of the beauty.  You're able to stop by a couple lakes and have the most beautiful views of the Silent Valley.  

Tyler started to complain a little in the beginning of the hike.  Feet sore, too hot, thirsty etc.  I sat him down and had a little talk about how amazing this hike was and had him imagine of all the kids in all the schools in Parker, with all those kids... the odds are not one would have this experience of hiking in these mountains.  He's just at the age where he's starting to find it cool that he was born in Ireland and visits family every couple years.  After asking a few questions he bucked up and not one more word of complaint was mentioned on the rest of the 8 mile, semi strenuous hike.

It was an unbelievably perfect day.  


 Tyler cooling his feet in the Blue Lough

 Silent Valley Reservoir

Part II coming up soon!